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Can you recall the smell when, as a child, you opened a new box of crayons? Books, both old and new, have a special smell to them. The aroma of fresh baked bread or cookies has the ability to transport almost anyone to a delightful memory place. Rain leaves behind a certain odor. The same perfume, worn by different women, gives off a scent unique to each.

Did you know that the most sensitive of our senses is smell, and the one most linked to our emotional recollection? Scents from our childhood, and all through our lives, stay with us and bring back special memories. Our sense of smell helps us enjoy life as we delight in aromas of favorite foods and flowers and friends. Everyone has a favorite scent extracted from the experiences of life. What is yours?

Scents are a vital part of our lives. It is said that the recollection of a smell is immediate. What was the scent of your high school? Years after it’s gone, we recall that “new car” smell. The delicate perfume of lilies. The earthy scent that comes with digging in the soil. Wakening to the aroma of coffee. The scent of home.

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Scentsy Candles

A lovely home offers enjoyment in many ways. Comfort for the creature, beauty for the beholder, and scents to soothe the soul. Every room, every part of a home wafts out an aroma. What fragrance do you want to share with the family and friends who frequent your home? Do you plan for each area to have its own aroma, or do you wish the same scent to flow throughout? The inspiration of your home dwells in the memory of those you welcome there through its comfort, beauty—and by the scent recalled long after your hospitality has ended.

Scentsy Warmers—Fill your home with fragrance

Scentsy Warmers are the perfect way to bring enchanting scents into your home room by room. Safe and stylish, these Warmers come in varying sizes with nearly fifty classy designs. Match your home décor and express your taste with lampshade-shaped, square, round, or plug-in warmers, or choose the delightful Warmer of the Month. Considered candle lamps, Scentsy Warmers are a sensible alternative to burning traditional home-decorating candles. With the heat of a low-watt bulb, or heating element, Warmers melt specially formulated wax to fill your home with glorious aroma. You simply plug in the Warmer, turn it on, put one or more sections of the Scentsy Bar of your choice into the dish—and revel in the fragrant ambiance that fills your home.

Sentsy Warmers are safe to use—even unattended—in your home, around children, and pets. Using low-watt heat to melt high-quality wax, the melted wax in the Warmer never gets hot enough to burn.

Scentsy offers more than 80 fabulous fragrances for creating your home’s luxurious atmosphere. Discover and use your personal favorite, or choose a different fragrance for special areas. Enrich your life and enhance the scent of your home with Scenty’s amazing collection of Warmers and Bars.
Buy online anytime, or contact your local Scentsy Consultant. Begin spreading the scent of home throughout each room by calling today!

Sell Scentsy Candles and Warmers from your home!

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Are you considering hosting a Scentsy party? Then you are in for a lot of fun and great gifts! Your friends new to Scentsy will forever thank you for introducing them to such fine products, and your friends already enjoying Scentsy will be grateful for the chance to stock up on their favorite fragrances for their home.   And you not only help others, you help yourself! You earn credit toward Scentsy items you love, you receive exclusive items reserved only for Hosts, and you can get free and half-priced items, too!

 Hosting a Scentsy Party

Choose the Scentsy party that fits your lifestyle. You can open your home to friends and family and host the Traditional Party. Set a time, offer simple refreshments, then sit back and enjoy a couple of hours of fabulous fragrances and Scentsy products demonstrated by your consultant.

Another great party idea is The Open House. Guests are welcome to stop in at their convenience during a 2 to 3 hour show with mini-presentations of Scentsy products by your consultant. Friendly chats, easy snacks, and delightful scents tempt each one who stops in.

Invite your friends to a Shop-Online Party. Host an online Scentsy party where the shopping is done through your consultant’s website.

Take the party to your guests with a Scentsy Basket Party. Your consultant will set you up with a basket of products to show to friends wherever and whenever you meet them within a 10-14 day period. Product samples, order forms, and all the information you need to make this party a success is included in your Scentsy Basket. Simply return the basket to your consultant, and she’ll take care of the details!

With these four, fun ways to host a Scentsy Party, you are a success whichever one you choose!

If you would be interested in starting your own Candle Business contact me today and I will be more than happy to share with you more details. Its a great way to earn your candles for free. It can also be a great way for you to generate some extra spending money. Have a great day and thanks for visiting my site!

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